Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Revealing Hamilton (A Jackrabbit7 Novel) by Sarah Jayne Carr

My review for: Revealing Hamilton (A Jackrabbit7 Novel) by Sarah Jayne Carr
My rating: 5 stars
Jacquie Talento
*I won a paperback copy from the author and will be sharing my review.
The title of this book fits perfectly with the story. In this story I found that I lived on the edge of my seat for what Amelia would find out next from things that had been left in the dark. Amelia knows very little about her parents. She does know that she was raised by her grandfather and lived from foster home to foster home thru periods of her life. With nightmares of JackRabbit7 haunting her dreams at night, it’s the only connection that she fears the most from her past. But the pull to know more from her past will be her biggest haunt of all. With the few friends that she has, she will learn more than she would like about their connections to her. Meeting Max in the middle of the night after realizing things aren’t the way they seemed to be with Connor, her life is about to take a turn. But what happens when friends become enemies and enemies become friends? No one is who she thought they were. The truth will be unleashed but at what expense to Amelia and her heart? Can she be the one to help put an end to what her grandfather has caused? This is one of those great reads that left me asking “When can I expect the next book in the series?”

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